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Wimbledon dry cleaning  & laundry service - All of our services are provided in house using only the latest technology in dry cleaning. Having the most delicate and thorough cleaning process keeping your clothes clean and in perfect condition. We make sure you are always looking your best.  

We specialise in Delicate materials, be they  Natural or Synthetic fibres.  

Natural fibres: Cottons, Wool (Such as Cashmere), Silks, Velvet, Leather, Linen, Ramie, Jute, Hemp and many more.

Synthetic Fibres: Acetate, Chiffon, Organza, Latex and many more.

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Dry Cleaning Specialists in Wimbledon


Wimbledon cleaning & ironing services - Having the best in cleaning and ironing systems possible. We are able to keep your shirts in immaculate condition to keep you feeling and looking great every day.

If your shirt is made of Cotton, Silk or linen we have specialists on hand to finish the shirt exactly how it was meant to be.

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Wimbledon laundry services - A good nights sleep is essential to being your most productive. Our laundry service makes sure you sleep like a baby. 

We know having clean duvets and sheets is essential to a good nights sleep.

Duvet Cleaning: Synthetic, Feather and Wool Duvets

Sheets Cleaned and Pressed: Duvet Covers, Fitted and Flat sheets and Pillow cases.

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Shoe care and Cloth Care Products

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